Decocer. Innovation. Perfection achieved through small-format tiles.

Decocer is a tile manufacturing company specialised in small tile formats. Our objective is to offer personalised and customised solutions for architecture and interior design through pieces which work as a complement for coverings and floorings. With high levels of aesthetic value, the ceramic pieces we manufacture achieve in adding extra value to projects, thanks not only to their finishes, but also to their suitable adaptability with the rest of the elements.

The challenge: to become your ceramic partner

We want to find ourselves at the forefront of custom-made ceramic manufacturing, Made in Spain, both in Spain and in other countries such as: Italy, the UK, or the USA. We offer our services to every company in the ceramic sector, manufacturers, distributors and marketers that are seeking new synergies in the production chain, as well as in the supply of ceramic in small formats.

Specialisation. We have shaped

your IDEAS for 30 years.

Decocer was created in 1988 in Vila-real, Castellón, as a company that is specialised in small-format ceramic. The rapid growth of the company meant that the size of the plant had to be made bigger,...

...which resulted in the move to the town of

Onda in 1995


After 30 years of non-stop research and development in ceramic production techniques, Decocer finds itself at the forefront of the small ceramic format sector for flooring and wall tiles, as well as owning facilities with an area of 24.000 m2. In the continuous search for total quality, Decocer focuses its product on creating unique designs with high-quality materials and manufacturing processes which have been certified.

Customised. Imagine. Create. Project.

Just imagine a ceramic piece.

We are able to create it.

One of Decocer’s strong commitments is to be able to offer customised solutions to our customers. From the design to the ceramic production, the whole process is customised according to our Partners’ needs, and we can even have the packaging customised and, related to that, adapt our logistics and transport. Decocer covers the complete cycle, in other words, the whole production process, from the moment we receive the clay until the final product is packaged.

We know the raw material.

We know how to shape it.

Decocer relies on high-quality raw materials when it comes to developing its small-format tile manufacturing processes, both in porcelain for flooring and in white paste for coverings.

Furthermore, our location in Onda, the birthplace of ceramic, is a guarantee of know-how in the design and the manufacturing of new designs.

Innovation. Avant-garde design.

Technology, to turn what customers imagine into reality.

Decocer knows how to anticipate changes and create ceramic pieces which adapt to any future idea and trend. Innovation in ceramic design and innovation in technology, since Decocer counts on state-of-the-art equipment and new digital print techniques which, turn everything what the customer imagines into reality. Also, this technology makes it possible for the firm to pass strict quality controls, with no claims being made so far.

Nature offers us perfection. 

Perfection is BEAUTY.