Architecture & Interior Design


Urban Projects

High-traffic urban projects require high quality standards for their pieces, as well as the most cutting-edge technologies for their design and construction. In Decocer we are specialised in offering professionals all the qualities that make it possible for each project to have the required reliability and safety.

Large buildings located in outdoor areas and floor tiles in busy areas are often exposed to strong weather changes, as well as high traffic areas that require materials which offer maximum durability and resistance against the passing of time and a high-level of use. For this reason, Decocer is in constant technological innovation, applying the most cutting-edge techniques in terms of manufacturing tiles and pieces for floor tiles and wall tiles.

The architectonic solutions that Decocer offers to the professionals are guaranteed with years of experience in this sector and with a firm commitment to improve, day by day, the development of the ceramic used for urbanism.

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Contract Projects

Discover our solutions for ceramic ideas for contract specialised in wall tiles and floor tiles with medium traffic. With a wide range of colours, formats and finishes, we offer numerous decorative possibilities aimed at being adapted to professional projects.

The design of each commercial premise or business is a key part of the impression offered to the client. A space in which every detail counts makes a difference. For this reason, we manage a specialised professional service for contract projects, working with maximum rigor. For this, we offer wall tiles and floor tiles with medium traffic, both with maximum quality, with high resistance and durability. All this, without losing the genuine essence of Decocer, which allows its designs to be adapted to each project and contract ceramic ideas. Architects, decorators and interior designers will find in our ceramic solutions, the best ally to implement their projects, whatever it may be. Our piece by piece adaptability options will manage to create the best atmosphere in line with your ideas.

Indoor Areas

Decocer designs each collection while thinking of giving solutions to the interior ceramic ideas from: architects, interior designers and decorators. The best ideas are always unique, so we customise each piece to get an interior design like no other.

Part of the charm of architectural designs and interior design lies in the originality of each of them. Unique shapes and combinations of groundbreaking colours are part of the range of possibilities offered by the complete choice of each tile. Get it by adapting each piece according to the idea of interior ceramic that you have in mind. Bathrooms, kitchens or any interior space is likely to have a unique personality. Therefore, Decocer offers ceramic solutions for indoor areas, specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals who take care of each project in detail. Do not adapt your ideas to the designs, make the designs adapt to your ideas. Remember, we shape your ideas.