High Traffic

The ceramic pieces are the best choice to cover high traffic floor tiles. The high use that characterizes the large urban projects denotes the passage of time imminently, exerting wear and tear on the materials. This does not happen with the ceramic material that presents, among its qualities, the high resistance of its surface, the ease of cleaning of its materials and the high durability that arises from the quality of its materials. The technological advances used in tiles for flooring and coating allow quality and aesthetic to come together to make a way to another level in terms of large surfaces materials.

Against the passage of time

Decocer offers a wide range of finishes, colours and special formats suitable for high traffic ceramic. The pieces from these collections are designed to withstand, and remain unchanged, against the passage of time, while providing beauty with the careful aesthetic of every detail. Quality, aesthetic and maximum adaptability that make the pieces by Decocer, ideal for urban projects.

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