Turn your bathroom into a comfortable and relaxing area, creating unique spaces with our collections for showers and floor tiles. Create atmospheres with their very own personality as a reflection of the style adapted to each project. The custom-made solutions by Decocer have the advantage of being adaptable to all types of aesthetic while having optimal durability and resistance to moisture. The possibilities of customisation in terms of floor tiles and wall tiles for bathrooms are endless. Discover a new world of possibilities with our collections.

Attention to detail

The difference between an impersonal bathroom and a bathroom with soul lies in the small details. In this way, Decocer's collections adapt to all types of styles, providing the necessary touch to turn the space into an atmosphere with its very own personality. Each piece has tones and finishes that are carefully chosen that evoke the handmade design, in other words, the soul of the current decorative trends.

High adaptability

The wide range of formats available in the Decocer collections make it possible for all of them to fit in any of the wall tile or floor tile projects. One of the most complicated tasks in decoration is to get the pieces to fit and, in this aspect, Decocer makes the possibility of total adaptation to the measurements of each room available to all professionals.

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