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5 ideas to renovate your kitchen

Over the years, the kitchen has evolved and has become a space more integrated into daily life, a place where we talk, share recipes or enjoy formal and informal evenings. In short, it has become one of the most used rooms in the house, where we spend most of our time.

Because of its condition, the kitchen is one of the areas that tends to change the fastest in our home, although on many occasions we do not even know where to start. Making the most of the space, having enough storage capacity and taking into account the functionality of the room are fundamental aspects when planning the kitchen. Today we have compiled 5 ideas for renovating the kitchen.

1. Choosing quality materials for walls and floors

Due to their resistance, durability and easy maintenance, ceramic tiles are an ideal option to include in the kitchen. It is a material that is little affected by sudden changes in temperature, friction, knocks, scratches or heavy traffic. In addition, ceramic tiles are easy to clean and do not require complex maintenance after installation. It is sufficient to use water, a damp cloth and some specialised product to maintain regular cleaning.

2. Having practical and functional furniture

It is important to select furniture that is practical, comfortable and made of materials that can withstand the passage of time and the conditions of fumes, gases and cleaning products, as well as bear weight. It is also advisable to place objects of daily use at a comfortable height and reserve the upper spaces for those used sporadically.

3. Taking into account the space available

Distributing the spaces on the plan, taking into account the dimensions of the kitchen, before starting the reform is an essential aspect. The key is to base the design of the kitchen on comfort and functionality that facilitates movement between the three main areas of use: preparation, cooking and storage.

4. Taking care of the lighting

Thinking about the necessary lighting, planning the electrical outlets and light points according to the needs of the kitchen is also essential when reforming a kitchen. We have opted for LED lights, which will save a great deal of energy, and for white light so as not to modify the colours of the ceramic tiles and to transmit a feeling of spaciousness in the kitchen.

5. Adapting the design according to the needs of each person or family

Finally, it is very important to adapt the design of the kitchen to the needs, tastes and lifestyle of each person or family, since it is a very personal space. Don't forget that the style of the kitchen will be in line with the rest of the rooms in the house.

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