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5 reasons to choose small ceramic tiles

Every relevant creation in history is born from the fusion of small elements that, united with each other, manage to become an extraordinary whole. Through an overall vision and special attention to every detail, at Decocer we create small format tiles to give shape to great ideas.

Easy to combine, to place, to adapt... There are many advantages when choosing small tiles for walls and floors.

1. Infinite combinations

The small format tiles allow a multitude of combinations that give rise to unique creations. Each of the pieces radiates beauty and character by itself, but combined with each other, these characteristics are raised to the maximum excellence, managing to form a perfect harmony.

Origami Decocer

2. Customized details

The small tiles offer the possibility of creating totally personalized spaces adapted to the taste of each person and each room. Ceramics have a large number of styles, designs and shades to choose from: glossy or matt finishes, smooth or embossed textures, uniform or graded colours, etc.

3. Diversity of shapes

Square, rectangular, hexagonal... Which one to choose? As they are small format tiles, the ceramic pieces are much more manageable and allow you to recreate amazing environments. Hexagonal tiles, on the other hand, offer an infinite universe of installation possibilities, since they especially acquire their maximum splendour with small format tiles.

Ykea Decocer

4. Adaptability to any space

Whether in kitchens and bathrooms or outdoors, small-format ceramic tiles are ideal for cladding or flooring any space. This is the case with small-format rectangular tiles, which, thanks to their aesthetic power, easy installation and great adaptability, have become a fundamental piece in architectural and interior design projects.

London Decocer

5. Integration with other formats

While large-format ceramics allow the creation of continuous and uniform spaces, small tiles provide the necessary touch of exclusivity and personality. As we know, ceramic is a very versatile material, so it can be combined with other materials and play with different designs, formats and colours. In particular, square tiles allow you to form squares with different patterns, lines, decorative elements, etc.

Toscana Decocer

At Decocer, as a manufacturer of small format ceramics, we have a wide range of ceramic collections and customized solutions for architecture and interior design that respond to the XXS trend. Do you have a project? At Decocer we make it happen.

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