7 tips for tiling the kitchen

Would you like to give your kitchen a new look? With just a new floor covering, it will look like another place.

Tiles have been present in kitchens halfway around the world for years and years, being the quintessential kitchen tile we have known for generation after generation.

There are so many possibilities offered by the different tiles we can find in the shops, that it is normal that they are still present. In addition, they are very resistant to heat and humidity, scratches and are very easy to clean.

Tips for tiling the kitchen

  1. Watch the style and the combination. One of the steps to choose the tiles for the kitchen is to combine them with the rest of the house, to find a model that integrates better with the whole.
  2. Choose quality materials. Not all of them have the same qualities and we must consider what result we want to obtain when designing the kitchen.
  3. Analyze the surface to be covered well. Make a previous estimate of the amount of tiles you need: walls, floor, island, front of the kitchen, etc.
  4. Opt for timeless and durable styles. Decide on simple and current tiles that manage to remain fashionable despite the passage of time.
  5. Carefully select the layout of the tiles. Ceramic tiles usually offer different layouts when creating certain compositions and figures. The same tile can cause different impressions and nuances in style depending on whether it is laid vertically or diagonally.
  6. Introduce a border. Borders are a resource that will add an original and attractive air to the kitchen, but remember not to overload the room.
  7. Keep in mind the properties of ceramic tiles. To cover the kitchen, it is advisable to choose materials that are resistant, durable and easy to clean.

Why choose tiles to cover the kitchen?

There is no doubt that tiles have become the material par excellence for covering bathrooms and kitchens. And there are really plenty of reasons to choose them:

Strength and durability. They are strong and long-lasting. Their resistance to scratches and scuffs makes them a good alternative for the kitchen. In addition, the walls will be stained, subjected to heat and humidity, especially the front of the stove. That's why it's important that we choose a resistant coating.

Easy to clean. Ceramic tiles are very easy to clean and, depending on their texture, can hide dirt. The front of the kitchen is the one that will be stained the most, but the rest of the walls will get dirty little by little. If they are easy to clean, so much the better.

Wide variety of styles and colors. The ceramic tiles can be of different shapes and colors. In this case it is a very important aspect because the walls must go according to the style of the kitchen and we must watch how the floor, the countertops and the furniture will be. In addition, the walls are a fundamental point when we have a small kitchen, since we can make it bigger visually if we opt for light-coloured coverings.


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