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8 reasons why you should choose ceramic for your project

All the experts from the sector agree that customisation is one of the key points regarding the future of ceramic. Decocer offers an incredible solution to market demands, which is none other than complete ceramic customisation, right down to the very last detail. For this reason and more, architects and designers have turned to ceramic as the leading material in floor tiles and wall tiles in their building work.
These are just some of the most interesting advantages of using ceramic over other building materials:

Why should you opt for ceramic?

1. Durability. It is an extremely resistant material over time, against wear and tear and in tough weather conditions as well.

2. Easy cleaning and low maintenance. Neither special attention nor special products are required to maintain its condition. Normal, everyday cleaning suffices.

3. Versatility. Every possible design can be reproduced on ceramic. The ceramic itself meets the needs of all types of projects because of its multiple qualities, the formats, the finishes, the tones and the sizes. As well as that, the tiles offer the possibility of endless combinations. The very same material is capable of creating atmospheres that are very different from one and other, and furthermore, it provides them with great character.

4. Customisation. The Inkjet ceramic technology allows for the aesthetic of the materials, such as marble and cement, to be reproduced in a perfect way, along with the added bonus of being able to count on ceramic functional advantages. Our new Velvet Wood ceramic collection is the perfect example of this, which perfectly captures the essence of wood.

5. Quality. Here at Decocer, with our cutting edge machinery, we manufacture tiles using high quality raw materials, such as: clay, enamel, printing ink and coatings. We guarantee the quality of the finished product.

6. Hygiene. Ceramic’s waterproof feature turns it into an ideal material for spaces which are subjected to dirtiness and humidity.

7. Anti-slip. The ceramic floor tiles count on anti-slip technology which is ideal for exteriors places which come into contact with water, such as the bathroom and the kitchen.

8. Simplified Installation. The installation process is fast and, more straightforward than with other materials.

Ceramic is not only versatile with its creative performance, but also with its capacity to adapt to the functional needs of the space, since it has endless constructive options.
Here at Decocer, we have been providing interior design solutions to professionals in the sector from around the world for 30 years now. If you would like to receive more information or
even recommendations about wall tiles and floor tiles, please do not hesitate in contacting us. In the meantime, you can find all the inspiration you need in  our ceramic collections.

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