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9 reasons to use ceramics in your home

Experts in the construction and architecture sector agree in pointing out the countless advantages of ceramics for flooring and cladding, agreeing that they are the best option to use in their constructions and in their designs. 

In Decocer we list the reasons why ceramic tiles are the best option.

Do you want to know what are the advantages of tiles for your home?

 1. Natural

Ceramic is made from natural elements, the earth, so it does not contain plastic elements and respects the environment.

 2. Versatily

It can be used both on walls and floors, and in any space. Its power of imitation makes it transform into wood, cement, stone, marble. The diversity of sizes offered is very varied from 8x8" to 3x12".

They can be combined in different colors and tonalities. Thus creating compositions that provide our rooms with lighting.

Its uses are unlimited, in addition to covering our floors and walls can be used to delimit areas and as decorative material. 

Its countless designs and new creations allow it to adapt to new trends without losing its traditional charm.
3. Durability and resitance

This is one of its most important characteristics. Ceramic tiles are unalterable over time. They don't deform or wear out with use, rubbing or scratches. 

They're made of ceramic, a material that is resistant to weathering, temperature changes and chemical substances. Their long life contributes to their environmental compatibility.


Inkjet ceramic technology allows you to perfectly reproduce the aesthetics of other materials such as marble, cement... with the added bonus of having the functional advantages of ceramic. Our new Velvet Wood ceramic collection is an example of this, as it is able to capture the essence of wood to perfection.

5Outdoor use

They withstand adverse weather conditions such as rain, high temperatures or humidity. In addition, there are ceramic tiles with anti-slip finishes, perfect for use in outdoor or humid areas.

 6Isolating to temperatures

They provide thermal sensation, allowing a cool environment to be maintained in summer and heat to be retained in winter.

 7. Fireproof

Its natural origin makes it an electrical insulating and non-combustible material. It doesn't burn, doesn't melt and doesn't emit toxic fumes. This means that there isn't risk of fire, in addition to preventing the spread of fire.

8. Hygienic

Due to its impermeability, it is one of the most hygienic materials in existence. This makes it immune to stains and prevents the development of germs and fungi.  

It's ideal for people with asthma or allergies, since its condition of electrical insulation avoids dust collection.


As it's produced with natural raw materials, its production process has a minimal environmental impact. 

It can be easily recycled and re-integrated into the production cycle. 

It's an odorless material, it doesn't require the use of chemical products, as it can be easily cleaned using only water.  

Ceramic is not only versatile in terms of creative performance, but also for its ability to adapt to the functional needs of the space, as it offers an infinite universe of construction options.30 years at Decocer we have been offering architectural solutions to industry professionals around the world.

Don't forget that we help you to create your own ceramic design. If you need more information or recommendations about wall and floor tiles, don't hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, you can find inspiration in our ceramic collections.


Small tiles for big ideas!

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