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The advantages of having a custom-made tile manufacturer

Here at Decocer, we have been working with ceramics and exploring their endless aesthetic possibilities for 30 years now. As a result of that, we believe that the ability to put together high-quality custom-made ceramic tiles opens the door to a whole new world of building solutions.

The design of each tile is essential, since it is exactly that which will enhance the personality of a space. It is not easy to find the exact ceramic designs that are sought-after by the user or professionals, and that is why here at Decocer, we have our very own philosophy: "Give your ideas shape" with a "Custom-made tile" service. We let you to choose the shape, the colour, the type of ceramic and the decor for each piece.

Customisation: the exclusivity of having what nobody else has

For the tile industry, offering customers the possibility of opting for custom-made tiles can become the deciding factor, and a distinctive feature, in relation to the rest of the companies in the sector. People are banking more and more on singularity, and at the same time, they are distancing themselves from what is ordinary and unnecessary. For this reason, giving customers the opportunity to design their very own tiles, either for distribution purposes or to use on their own projects, can be added value.

Here at Decocer, we offer our services to architects and interior designers alike, as well as manufacturing products for tile manufacturers and distributors, without stating, if it is not wanted, the origin of the ceramic.

Endless creativity with the InkJet digital printing technology

We have a key tool that develops all the tile models: the cutting-edge InkJet digital printing technology. This printer manages to capture designs on the ceramic tile surface with total accuracy. We include HD technology to achieve the most exquisite authenticity, which gets tiles where detail, contrasts and colours can be seen with maximum precision.

A service which includes the latest innovations from the technological development, along with first-class material and maximum customisation.  

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