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Advantages of custom ceramic tiles

Architecture and interior design have progressed a lot in recent times. Environments evolve, rules change and professionals must know how to adapt. Experts agree that personalization is one of the keys to the future of the ceramics sector, and they use ceramics as the main material for shaping the floors and walls of their buildings. Therefore, under the premise of raising the ceramic personalization to the maximum power, at Decocer we offer the possibility of designing tiles that fit perfectly with each project, making available a wide range of small tiles to adjust them to each space. 

Properties and benefits of custom tiles

  • Versatility and customization. Ceramic is a very versatile material that can be combined with other materials and allows you to play with different formats and colors. It is capable of reproducing all types of designs and responding to the demands of any project due to its multiple qualities, finishes, shades and sizes. It is a material capable of creating very different atmospheres between them and endowing them with an enormous personality. Also, ceramic tiles are used in any room of the house, both in walls and floors. 
  • Durability and easy maintenance. Being a material that is little affected by sudden changes in temperature, friction or intense traffic, its durability is high in contrast to other types of compounds. It is a material that is extremely resistant to the passage of time, wear and tear and the most extreme atmospheric conditions. In addition, ceramic tiles are easy to clean and do not require complex maintenance after installation. It is enough to use water, a damp cloth and some specialized product to maintain a regular cleaning.
  • Design and style. Thanks to the variety of size options offered by ceramic tiles, the flexibility in their design is infinite. You can opt for small tiles, choose from various geometric shapes and choose from different textures. In addition, ceramics have a large number of styles, designs and colors to choose from, allowing them to fit into any type of project. From glossy or matte finishes to smooth or embossed textures. It also offers the possibility of including borders and breaking with the uniformity of walls and floors, giving a touch of originality and elegance to the rooms.

Definitely, ceramic tiles are not only versatile in terms of creative performance, but also for their ability to adapt to the functional needs of each space, as it offers an infinite universe of constructive options.

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