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ArDecoprojects: Full colour in the Espai Verd urban oasis in Valencia

A living space with a unique outdoor and indoor structure that escapes from conventionalism and discretion. With these differential values, "Espai Verd" has been erected, a unique building made up of 108 houses and premises which are located in Valencia and designed under the philosophy and belief of the architect, Antonio Cortes Ferrando. The architecture plans were cast aside, since it is a collaborative building that allowed cooperators to participate in supervising the project, choosing the materials and finishing their future homes alongside the architect.

Espai Verd has represented the environmental and social commitment for more than 40 years which, and according to Antonio Cortes Ferrando, it is an architectural must have. Lush vegetation, elevated streets and complex volumes are the hallmarks of an emblematic building which, is not only in Valencia but also around the world. Espai Verd has become an urban oasis where not only what is private has a main role, but also what is public, which takes on a crucial role with the dreamy common spaces.

Decocer has participated in this urban utopia with one of its most outstanding ceramic designs: the Devon collection. This rectangular tile faces a very colourful project. Camel, Sky and Olive colours have been the tones chosen for the three bathrooms in one of the Espai Verd duplexes.

The irregular edges and reliefs in different thicknesses from this collection are key for providing dimension, texture and volume to the space, since they make the rooms become bigger and achieve a unique character.


Whereas Devon Camel projects an elegant and sophisticated space, together with dark wood furniture and white tiles, Devon Sky brings freshness and luminosity to the bathroom, along with furniture and tiles in white.

As well as that, Devon Olive, this time in a vertical placement, is combined with furniture and tiles in a pure white to enhance the prominence of this vitamin and the powerful green colour.

A groundbreaking project that advocates a new concept of architecture that is more integrated, sustainable and responsible to society.


Mention for  "Proyecto de interiorismo y fotografía: VITALE. (www.vitale.es)"

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