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Block colour trend: the strength and contrast of the Devon Collection

Solid, lively colours with a distinct classic style. This is how the ‘Block Colour’ trend has made its way into interior design. The commitment to colour and contrasts in the world of interior design and architecture is indisputable, and furthermore, this trend has become the ideal tool for showing a world of unique decorative projects with a hypnotic appeal.

The key, the combination of intense and complementary colours between the large surfaces where each colour plays an important role. However, if a more relaxing and quieter atmosphere is sought after, complementary pastel colours can also be combined together or atmospheres with a unique main colour can be created on a delicate and neutral-coloured background.
Decocer merges what is modern and what is classic with the coloured contemporary aesthetic and hand-made shapes from the Devon Collection.

Vintage essence blocking with the Devon series

The versatility of the formats and the finishes from the Devon series not only make it 100% adaptable to any type of project or aesthetic need, but also its style and its tones make it become the ideal design for recreating the “Block Colour” trend, in an organic and thought-provoking way.

The Devon collection has a wide range of tones. It offers colours from an intense olive which takes on another dimension with the gloss finish, to other brighter colours such as blue and red. Ceramic pieces which, as we can see in the up and coming projects by the firm, combine perfectly with the classically styled golden aged bathroom equipment.

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