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Bristol, the perfect design for industrial style atmospheres

Industrial style comes from the bustling and busy New York of the 50s, when industrial buildings such as units and offices became houses, which are now known as lofts. The atmospheres inspired by industrial decor are usually spacious, clear and open, where the elements that coexist inside can breathe with each other.  

The objective is to maximise the space dimension as much as possible, to seek brightness through the neutral and smooth colours of the surfaces. Despite the belief that industrial style is cold and not cosy, the truth is that it is just the opposite, since the vintage essence of this trend can provide warmth, naturalness and character for the space.  

With regard to this style, the materials and textures which are typical of Brutalist architecture, such as the concrete and cement, take on the leading role. The Brutalist style, which is closely linked to industrial decor, has a timeless beauty which has become one of the 6 trends of the season 2019, according to the Observatory of the Habitat Trends.  

Here at Decocer, we offer functional, and at the same time, aesthetic solutions which meet the latest designs in architecture and interior design. This can be seen in our Bristol collection. A decor design which recalls the past without foregoing the path of the avant-garde movement. 


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Industrial style from the 50s portrayed in ceramic

The shade variation has been crucial when developing the Bristol series, since it presents a cement-like effect which is worn and it enhances the brightness in the spaces, therefore helping to create visual sensations of spaciousness. In this regard, it goes perfectly well with the aesthetic characteristics of industrial decor. As well as that, it is highly versatile, since it can adapt to other building elements such as wood and metal. Also, it can adapt to other atmospheres, namely: offices, homes, establishments, etc. The romanticism of the grey tones leads the way in this floor and wall tile series. The tiles are available in two grey tones which are complemented with two geometrical style decors.

Through the meticulousness of the ground-breaking InkJet digital printing technology, the design of this wall tile series has been achieved; with geometric decor, reliefs and soft pastel tones.

A wide and excellent range of decor possibilities from a single collection: Bristol.

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