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Ceramic proposals: black and white tiles

Simple, elegant and stylish. These are ceramic tiles in black and white, one of the most interesting combinations we can find in interior design.

This classic option, which never goes out of fashion, can be incorporated into both floors and walls and it is ideal for any type of room: bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, etc.

The intensity of the contrast between white and black shades creates contemporary and sophisticated spaces, covering diverse decorative styles, from classic to modern.

Recommendations for including black and white tiles into the home

1. Play with the contrast between floors and walls to form sophisticated and balanced environments at the same time. You can even opt for ceramic tiles with black and white motifs that will add personality to any space.

Tiles with handmade graphics drawn with felt-tip pen, a technique that adds a unique touch to each piece, from Ykea collection will result in an original basic hexagonal combination that will not go unnoticed.

2. If there is little natural light in your rooms, include white in a higher percentage than black. In addition, you can use white lights placed in specific areas to bring an extra touch of luminosity and amplitude to the spaces.

3. If rooms are small, opt for a ceramic floor that combines both colours and keep the walls smooth and clear so as not to overload the space. Otherwise, if rooms are large, you can use a black and white tile mosaic and combine different sizes and types of tile.

4. Incorporates other colours in elements such as furniture, textiles or curtains to add interest and vitality to interiors. Black and white offer infinite decoration possibilities.

Ceramic tiles in black and white are one of our proposals to form elegant and sophisticated rooms. And yours?

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