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Ceramics, the perfect solution for outdoor spaces

Choosing floor tiles for outdoor areas is more complicated than choosing floor tiles for indoor areas, since the outdoors is subject to special conditions such as weather changes, humidity and pollution. Selecting high quality materials from the very beginning is essential because, if the initial choice is right, their good condition is maintained for that much longer. In relation to the surfaces, they must be: resistant, durable and if possible, non-slip; especially in areas with a pool or with elements that require the use of water. We always recommend the choice of porcelain tiles.

The most appropriate solution is the installation of porcelain tiles, since they offer advantages that adapt perfectly to the needs of outdoor spaces. Firstly, they have the practical part which is due to their easy cleaning, resistance to both the passage of time and against harsh climatic conditions. Secondly, there is the aesthetic part, since they offer: multiple combinations, chromatic ranges, textures and shapes. Next up, we highlight the most outstanding ceramic trends for outdoor areas:

Ceramics with a wood effect

The ceramic floor tiles which simulate the wood aesthetic provide warmth and a natural touch to the space. Through colour and textures, very different atmospheres can be created. With dark tones, we get elegance and formality, however, moving towards the light tones, warmth and tranquility become more relevant. The Camdem collection is inspired by those old boat decks with a sawed and shade variated design, reminiscent of weathered wood.

Hydraulic floors

With a Mediterranean-inspired and timeless beauty, hydraulic tiles are capable of creating enveloping spaces, in addition to providing resistance and durability. The wide range of graphic designs that the hydraulic tiles have, allow for any amount of compositions to be made. It is a very interesting design for terraces and patio areas where there is furniture or even garden elements, since the final combination can completely transform the atmosphere of the area, making outdoor areas much more welcoming and special. Discover this trend with the Decocer Hydraulic collection.

Ceramics with a stony aesthetic

One of the great advantages of floor tiles and wall tiles is their versatility. They manage to make reliable recreations of practically any material: marble, slate, cement, granite. These finishes are excellent alternatives for outdoor areas to which we want to add that all important touch of sophistication. The Milan collection reflects this ceramic method, with a style all of its own.

The tiles provide functionality, easy maintenance and a large creative range for outdoor spaces; properties that turn ceramics into the ideal solution for this atmosphere.

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