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Ceramic trends for autumn

Summer comes to an end accompanied by time for renewal, changes, new airs. Little by little, we are leaving the terrace to pick ourselves up inside. The shades of the summer say goodbye, welcoming raw colours and soft tones.

What are the ceramic trends for autumn?

Ceramic tiles continue to gain ground in architectural and interior design projects through designs aligned with the latest decorative trends.

Collections where the raw material is the main protagonist stand out, keeping the natural inspiration present in exteriors, but now inside the house. Risky products, where colour and decoration again have a place both on floors and walls.

Tiles with geometric shapes

Small hexagonal tiles offer an infinite universe of possibilities. This shape acquires its maximum splendour with small format tiles, such as the 17.5 cm x 20.2 cm hexagonal tile, a size typology that offers a multitude of creative alternatives.

Industrial style

Industrial style is a decoration trend easy to combine with different materials and furniture of other styles, so that increasingly wins more adepts among architects and interior designers. Due to its characteristics, it is perfect to give an urban and modern air to the environments.

Mosaic decoration

Ceramic mosaic decoration adapts perfectly to contemporary styles as well as to vintage or rustic atmospheres. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and mix different finishes, decorations and colours.

Blue colour

Among the predominant colours this season is blue. Combined with white and cold shades, it will bring a touch of freshness, liveliness and spaciousness to the spaces. Blue is undoubtedly an ideal colour to add personality to the rooms.

Worn-out effect

Worn-out effect tiles magnify the luminosity in spaces and help create visual sensations of spaciousness. Since they adapt to any environment, they are extremely versatile and easy to complement with elements of various styles, such as wood or metal.

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