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ArDecoProjects: a contemporary house in Melbourne

A house that masterfully combines warmth and minimalism through an atmosphere of neutral colours and pure lines which, can only be work that has been carried out by Tom Robertson Architects.

We enter a single-family home in Melburne to discover one of Decocer's most outstanding designs. The Tom Robertson architecture studio opted for the Devon collection by Decocer for two of the most important rooms in the house: the bathroom and an open kitchen-dining room concept. 

The Devon collection: aesthetic serenity with glossy nuances

The Devon collection has become the best solution when creating a bathroom atmosphere which projects luminosity and elegance because both its finish and whitish tone denote cleanliness and balance alike. 

Also, its careful 'handmade' effect with irregular edges and reliefs of different thicknesses in each piece provide the room with a lively relaxing aesthetic with character.

The Devon Collection: versatility made material

One of the requirements of the project was opting for a wall tile resistant enough to be included in the kitchen, and at the same time, which does not break the minimalist balance of the dining room, since both the kitchen and the dining room are part of the same open and dynamic space.

Specifically, Devon White has been combined with a grey countertop and kitchen furniture in pure white. In this way, it has managed to create a kitchen fully integrated into the space where the main attraction is the unique Devon design.

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