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Contemporary style interiors with ceramic tiles

Wall and floor decoration is one of the most important elements of interior design. And it is precisely ceramic tiles that are a valuable, attractive and resistant resource for decorating spaces, as they improve the image of rooms and provide great aesthetic value to the whole.

The current market offers us a diversity of ceramic tile designs, it is only a matter of choosing the model that best suits the needs of each space.

Ceramic trends for home

At the moment of transforming a surface, the small tiles become one of the main resources of the decoration. Many experts recommend the combination of tiles with decorative glass items, as well as with wooden elements that highlight the natural tone within the rooms.

Likewise, another advantage of this decorative alternative is the custom-made tiles, since they allow us to personalize and shape our ideas.

Among the main trends, we can also highlight the mosaic type tiles, meter tiles, hexagonal shape or with handmade graphics.

Ykea Decocer

In addition, the combination of white tiles with softer shades is a safe bet.

Decocer tile collections for modern spaces

From Decocer we offer you a very varied selection of ceramic tiles, as well as tiles for kitchens and tiles for bathrooms. We invite you to learn more about these decorative alternatives.

We have the Albatros collection, which is inspired by industrial design and turns spaces into lofts, with worn-out cement floors. Also, you can get the City collection, which has a softer finish with worn-out dyes, something that sets a vintage style.

Albatros Decocer

City Decocer

Under the premise of using small tiles to give shape to big ideas, Devon evokes the handmade through irregular edges and reliefs of different thickness. Likewise, Origami recreates the works made on paper and the Florencia collection represents natural perfection and elegance through pure lines and shiny finish.

Devon Decocer

Origami Decocer

Florencia Decocer

Definitely, ceramic tiles are the perfect alternative to create pleasant, elegant and stylish environments.


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