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Decocer is back at Coverings 2019

The Coverings Fair is the most recognized ceramic and natural stone event in the United States. This event has a rotating character, because each year it takes places in a different American region. This edition is held from April 9-12 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Over four days, the indoor building area will become an infinite setting of creative trends, ceramic styles and functional solutions for the building world.  From architects and interior designers, to distributors and manufacturers, all of them will get together in Florida to find out about the latest trends and innovations in the sector. In this new edition, Coverings expects to welcome more than 26.000 people who, will visit more than 1.100 exhibitors from building companies around the world.

As with every year, we are present at Coverings, and we are ready to impress with our small sized tile collections. Visitors attending the event can find us at stand 4655. A space in which we will showcase the collections and the productive small sized ceramic innovations which we have been working on this past year. Some of our most standout designs will be showcased, such as the Chelsea, Hydraulic, Eclipse, Naive and Look collections.

The Chelsea and Eclipse collections: Visual combinations with volumes.

Ceramic tiles are simply versatility and quality at their very best. A clear example of this is the Chelsea collection and its four tonalities: Grey, Black, Blue and Pink; since innovations in Decocer's ceramic production process have allowed pieces like Eclipse Anthracite to be developed. A piece which stands out because of its elegant glossy finish and volumes with relief. A design which, as a whole, creates the optical sensation that the pieces are interwoven. A unique collection with which original and standout combinations can be created for spaces which look for the right level of distinction.


The Hydraulic Collection: Artisan Inspiration.

The Hydraulic Kea collection with a 20cm x 20cm size represents the perfect symbiosis between craftsmanship and leading edge design. The appeal of this collection lies in its Mediterranean-style compositions and pastel tones. Blue and ocher in their softest versions, perfectly embracing decorative styles with an industrial and modernist touch.


The Look and Naive Collections: Reflections of sophistication.

Another of our main features for the fair: small sized tiles in a gloss finish. A trend which prevails this season due to the strength and luminosity that they bring to the space. The Pink and Brown tones from the Naive series provide freshness and serenity in equal parts with a high-gloss shade-variated finish. We coordinate with the 20x20 Look Brown porcelain floor tile in a matt finish, which creates a pleasant contrast.

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