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Custom-made ceramic tiles: we bring your ideas to life, whatever they may be

“Shaping ideas with custom-made designs”. From its foundations, Decocer works with this concept with the objective of offering the most renowned personalised ceramic system in the market. Professionals, distributors and manufacturers, through our very own virtual configurator or by an appointment, can design their very own product with all the creative freedom they could wish for.

Design your small format ceramic piece in just four steps:

1. Begin to shape it

In order for great ideas to take shape, it is important to begin with the small parts that make them up. For this, Decocer has thought up the design of each tile from the format that you are looking for.

2. Put the design tone

Choose the tone of the tile, thinking about not only the aesthetic, but also the overall sense that you want the spaces to give off. Because the colour and its nuances evoke emotions both through monochromatic and multi tonal ceramic pieces. With Decocer, you can set up your small format ceramic piece with tones and custom-made combinations, which in doing so, creates unique designs.

3.  Specify your technical requirements

Depending on the function and the final destination, the ceramic piece must have some texture characteristics, quality and different strength. For this, please tell us if you are after custom-made tiles for the floor or if, by contrast, you are thinking about wall tiles. As well as that, whether or not you require special technical specifications.

4.  Bring your ideas to life

Each idea takes shape, a lot earlier than coming into effect in the imagination.
Show us moodboards, patterns and drawings that have inspired you. You will help us reproduce, in the best possible way, the conversion of the material on the custom-made tile so that the overall result is exactly what you had previously imagined.

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