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Decocer presents its new image, in line with its digital strategy

Nature changes and transforms itself, because in the renovation, there is the evolution. In this context, Decocer has decided to renovate its company image for one that is adapted to the necessities of the sector, as well as to the new visual codes of the digital panorama.

Also, it is the presence of a clear corporate identity which, turns it into a necessary and key vehicle for achieving a coherent and cohesive projection, along with visual communication that does not have ambiguities.

Pinchaaqui.es, the digital marketing agency, was the company that carried out the redesigning of the visual corporate identity, which was done in a graphical way, together with the values and the essence which define the company, Decocer.

For this, a Visual Corporate Identity manual has been done, which gathers together the constituent elements from: Decocer® Shape your Ideas; like the logo symbol with its variants, the use of corporate typographies and the chromatic applications from the brand.

The concept

Taking the transformation of the material as a starting point, to make the Decocer logo, the hexagon has been banked on. A shape that enhances the concept by making an analogy with the power of nature and its beauty, which is linked to customisation, and to the perfect imperfection of organic shapes.

To do this, a grid with a hexagonal shape was used, which forms a part of Decocer's world. The result of this composition reflects a greater focus, relevance and the impact on the brand name.

The apology of colour

A manual that is based on the essence of Decocer, but it is modernised with lines that provide it with its own relevant, and distinguished identity. Therefore, as a result of a colour power study about the visual communication of a brand and its psychology applied in the world of Ceramics, a blue Pantone 7546C has been banked on. A tone already represented in the old Decocer logo, but with a small amount of the present, as well as a more harmonious combination between light and dark.

In this way, the Decocer brand is reinforced with a fresh corporate identity, up-to-date and very much in line with all the trends, as well as brand values and the communication strategy.

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