Proceso de diseño cerámico de Decocer
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Decocer's ceramic design process

In Decocer, we have been banking on good design for 30 years. The continuous research and development in ceramic production techniques, have positioned us as a benchmark company in the sector of small ceramic formats in floor tiles and wall tiles. Decocer's design process, from its conception to its execution, combines: technology, aesthetic, functionality and customisation. 

In Decocer, we cover the whole production process, from the receipt of the clay to the fitting of the final product. In this way, we have complete control of the product, creating unique designs with high quality materials and certified production processes. 

The transformation of material in three steps

1. Technology for materialising what customers think up 

In Decocer we know how to get ahead of the changes and create ceramic pieces that adapt to any idea and future trend. For this, we have cutting-edge machinery and new digital printing techniques like the Inkjet technology.

Machinery with an innovative touch that conceives everything that the customer imagines without any complaints, since this technology exceeds the quality ISO 9000 Standards, the quality standards and quality management established by the International Standardisation Organization (ISO). 

2. We know the raw material. We know how to shape it

We use high-end raw materials in our tile manufacturing processes, both in porcelain tiles for flooring and in white paste for coatings. In addition, our location in Onda, the birthplace of ceramic, is a guarantee of know-how in the design and manufacturing of new designs.

3. Custom-made designs. Imagine. Create. Project.

One of the strongest premises by Decocer is that of being able to offer custom-made solutions. Whether through our virtual configurator or with a personal appointment, our Partners can design their ceramic product with total creative freedom.

Our vocation is for the customer and for that reason, we always give them preferential and personal treatment, which includes not only being able to customise the packaging for them, but also adapting both the logistics and transport to them.

Imagine a ceramic piece. We can create it.

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