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Designing open concept kitchens

The kitchen, that part of the home where we spend hours preparing recipes, playing at being chefs or chatting casually with the family at the end of the day. The kitchen, that place that in many occasions has already replaced the dining room as a meeting point where we can delight our palates or enjoy long after-dinner meals.

But why choose? Why enjoy both areas separately? Little by little, open concept kitchens are landing in the new renovation and interior design projects and are gaining more and more followers. It is a trend that creates spaces that integrate the living-dining room and the kitchen. This option of merging both rooms by demolishing the walls that separate them gives rise to open areas that transmit a great sensation of amplitude. It is also a good way of optimising the available space and of creating a new area where kitchen and leisure can be combined.

Montecarlo collection Decocer

In addition to being functional, aesthetic and luminous, open concept kitchens give a touch of personality to houses. The aim of this type of kitchen is to achieve continuity between the kitchen and the adjoining living-dining room. Therefore, both the furniture and the decoration must be integrated in both spaces and follow the same aesthetic line.

Thanks to the white rectangular tile in a gloss finish, such as those from Emporio Rialto collection by Decocer, we will enhance the luminosity and feeling of spaciousness of this room. It should be noted that due to their resistance, durability and easy maintenance, ceramic tiles are a good option for covering the kitchen.

Emporio Rialto collection Decocer

We must take into account that when we open the kitchen to the rest of the house we can see everything, so we must take care of even the smallest details, such as the arrangement of the appliances, the storage area, the decoration, etc.

With island, American bar or open space without walls: the design of the open concept kitchens will depend on the needs and style of each home.

It seems that open concept kitchens are here to stay, so don't be left behind!

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