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Gloss or matt finish tiles?

  Ceramic is a solution with optimal characteristics for wall coverings and flooring for any type of project, as it offers excellent resistance, durability and versatility to the spaces in which it is installed. This material offers such a wide range of options that doubts always arise when choosing which type of ceramic tile or porcelain stoneware is the most suitable for the project we have in mind. One of the most common questions when choosing ceramic tiles is the type of finish: Gloss or matte tiles for the bathroom? Gloss or matte tiles for the kitchen? That's the crux of the matter.

Cooking areas with glossy finishes clean better

  In Decocer we confirm that both ceramic tile options are perfectly viable when installing porcelain floors at home; however, it is true that, depending on the project or room, it is more advisable to choose one or the other. In cooking areas or kitchens, tiles with glossy finishes are recommended for different factors:

  • In the kitchen, glossy tiles get dirty sooner than matte ceramic tiles, but at the same time, as they are waterproof lacquered surfaces, they clean much faster. Simply wiping the kitchen tiles with a cloth leaves them sparkling clean.
  • The gloss is ideal for small spaces or spaces with hardly any natural light because it gives a feeling of spaciousness and brightness in the house. This sensation is even more enhanced when the tiles are white. Apart from reflecting more light, white tiles with gloss finish for the kitchen highlight the hygienic aspect of this room.
  • In the case of kitchen tiles, decorating the front with gloss tile is one of our tips to renew its appearance.
  • Combined with matte furniture, white tiles with gloss finish generate an interesting contrast in both the bathroom and the kitchen.
  • The gloss finish matches kitchens and bathrooms of any style: large, small, avant-garde, traditional, etc.
  • In addition, glossy tiles, especially white, are more visually appealing in kitchen and bathroom floors.

Wet areas with matte tiles leave no footprint

  Matte finishes are perfect for bathrooms or wet areas of the house. There are many reasons for this:

  1. In this type of porcelain tiles there are no signs.
  2. They are more difficult to get dirty and conceal stains better.
  3. They provide a warmer, more serene and even more elegant touch, making it possible to recreate a space of well-being in the bathroom.
  4. The matte texture is more pleasant to the touch and makes kitchens and bathrooms more welcoming.
  5. The diversity of colors and shapes of matte tiles for both floor and wall will turn the bathroom and kitchen into a very attractive space.
  6. In particular, white matte tiles will create modern and refined atmospheres.

  However, a balance between gloss and matte finishes in kitchen and bathroom porcelain stoneware is a very recurrent solution, since the contrast of both textures achieves the most enveloping and creative nuances. This is demonstrated by Decocer's Devon collection, which, being a line of tiles available in both glossy and matt finishes, makes it possible to create spaces with varied and interesting combinations of textures and colors.

  In conclusion, between gloss and matte there is no one finish better than the other. Everything will depend on the taste of each person. Achieving a balance of glossy and matte tile between walls, floors, furniture, countertops, shower and other decorative elements of the rooms or outdoor areas of the house is the best option for a spectacular result.

  We help you to configure your ceramic design. You can request a quote or make an appointment with us to discuss all the details.


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