Baldosas y azulejos hexagonales
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Hexagons: the sixth sense of ceramic trends

Away from what is purely traditional, such as rectangular tiles, the hexagon bursts onto the architecture and interior design scene because of the aesthetic power conferred by geometric shapes. An expressive style that acquires all its essence with this six-sided figure that showcases a unique character not only because of its shape, but also because of the architectural structure that its pieces create when they fit together, as if they were the cells of a honeycomb.

Wall tiles and floor tiles are some of the star applications that include hexagons in the decoration of a space, since their materiality and union provide symmetry, repetition and modularity.

When Decocer designs its small-format ceramic pieces, it is inspired by nature's very own shapes to create pieces that blend into the space in a comprehensive and non-aggressive way. Therefore, the hexagonal shape plays a leading role in three of the most outstanding collections by the firm, namely: Hexagono, Origami and Ykea.

Hexagono: lattice shapes

The Hexagon collection presents a framework of ellipses consisting of unique triangles. Available in six colours, this design works by itself and it also combines the tones.

Origami: custom ceramic origami  

Origami is one the most creative collections by Decocer. It allows for the atmosphere to be customised to the max, providing it with a movement effect. The available tones are showcased on beige or grey bases, and they are combined with pastel tones such as yellow and blue, or with intense browns in order to evoke a more rural vintage style.

Ykea: graphics with industrial dyes

The binomial Black & White acquires its highest level with the Ykea collection. A contrast between neutral pieces and designs with graphics that simulate being made by hand.

The result is, infinite creative possibilities that provide character and personality wherever they are included.

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