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How to design custom tiles?

The design of each tile is fundamental, since it will mark the personality of a space. That's why at Decocer we give shape to your ideas with our custom tile service: configure the shape, color, type of ceramic and decoration of your pieces. We offer architectural solutions to professionals in the field of architecture and interior design around the world. We materialize your ideas, whatever they may be.

Through our virtual configurator, we help you to design your ceramic products with total creative freedom. We work hand in hand with our customers to manufacture custom-made tiles, so you can ask for information, request a quote or make an appointment with us to work out all the details.

What size are you looking for?

To shape great ideas it is important to start with the small parts that make them up. In our factory we help you to customize each tile, depending on the format you are looking for. Triangular, square, hexagonal, circular or rectangular. Different shapes so that your custom-made tiles can be adapted to any space.

Which color do you choose?

The chromatic of each custom ceramic tile directly influences the perception of the whole. The color is based on the fusion between the needs and the personality of each project. Choose the shade of each tile thinking not only in aesthetics, but in the global sensation that you want the spaces to transmit. The possibility of customizing the ceramic pieces provides infinite results combining the colors that will form the whole, resulting in a unique universe.

How many square meters do you need?

The physical space available is a key factor in the configuration of the set. Give us the width and height of the surfaces and we will calculate the square meters you have. This way, we will also evaluate the amount of pieces you need, in the most faithful way possible.

What kind of ceramics are you looking for? 

Each of the ceramic tiles for architecture and interior design will form a small part of the canvas on which your client will decorate the space. Depending on its function, that canvas will have different characteristics of texture, quality and resistance. Let us know if you are looking for both custom floor tiles and wall tiles or if you are thinking of glazed tiles for bathrooms or custom kitchen tiles.

Custom tile designs with Decocer

Every idea takes shape, long before it becomes a reality, in the imagination. If in your mind you have already traveled to the universe as we are designing, give us some small strokes. You will help us to reproduce, in the most faithful way, the conversion of matter into custom-made tiles so that the overall result is the one you had imagined.

From custom gloss or matt bathroom tiles to modern kitchen tiles or custom outdoor tiles, customize your impression on each tile with Decocer!

If you need more information or recommendations about wall and floor tiles, please do not hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, you can find inspiration by taking a look at our ceramic collections.

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