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How to gain spaciousness in the rooms?

If you have a small house and look to gain space in the rooms, today we bring you some keys to visually enlarge the rooms. The secret is to place, decorate and arrange the space properly.

Making the most of a small environment to enjoy it without being overwhelmed is an easier task than it may seem at first sight. Just take a look at pequeсos and follow a few simple and useful tips

Light-coloured coatings

To brighten up a room and increase its visual range, the most important element is the colour of the walls. White, beige, neutral and pastel shades in their lightest version help to increase the size of any room.

Combining the walls with two colours expands the size and regulates the light. Light and neutral tones, such as grey, crude or white, are ideal for the walls and ceilings of different rooms, such as bedrooms and living rooms, to create a cleaner and brighter environment. Choosing dark colours will have the opposite effect.

Opt for minimalism

The more elements you have, the smaller the space will look. Therefore, the ideal is to create minimalist spaces, with few objects, well distributed, without filling shelves and furniture.

Choose the right decorative elements

To achieve the desired width, it is also vital to lose the fear of large mirrors, one of the most transformative accessories.

Mirrors are very good allies when it comes to getting a bigger room and providing depth. The best alternative is to place them on the walls against windows or artificial light sources so that they reflect the light and the room seems wider.

Another option would be to choose glass tables or strategically place small mirrors, glass or decorative glass objects that reflect light.

Choose multifunctional furniture

The key to selecting furniture for small rooms is to choose multifunctional furniture. A good option is furniture that makes good use of space, such as sofas with drawers at the bottom. In addition, you have to take into account that very high shelves, screens and giant furniture are an obstacle to the passage of light.

Consider the light

It is advisable to let in all the natural light and try not to hinder it. Translucent, light-coloured fabrics are a perfect option for making the most of small spaces.

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