Baldosas hidráulicas antiguas
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Hydraulic brings back the essence of the hydraulic tiles

The essence of the first hydraulic tiles have left their mark in each of the designs from Decocer's Hydraulic collection. A tribute to tradition, craftsmanship and the fineness of the hydraulic wall tiles from the 19th century. Pigmented cement floor tiles that exude elegant and organic designs which are full of geometry and floral motifs.

The Hydraulic collection reproduces the vintage essence of these designs with extra quality, design and functionality. Decocer, using a productive process with a highly technological design, manages to create pieces that are more resistant and lighter than the original ones. Our designs are made with porcelain tiles, which is the highest ceramic quality. This offers very low water absorption and it can be used in nearly any environment, as well as being resistant to stains with a finish that makes cleaning that much easier.

Warm atmospheres

With a romantic and fresh character, the Hydraulic Solstice model transforms the surface with geometric shapes that have straight and curved lines. Patterns where the main attraction is the star in an ocher colour which contrasts with the grey and white that is present in most of the porcelain tile.

Delicacy in colour

The Hydraulic Classic model, as well as the Hydraulic Corinto model, offer an ideal solution for those atmospheres in which a relaxing and sophisticated aesthetic is sought-after. Whereas in the former, a less marked design pattern with more relaxing colours predominates, the latter has a delicate, though predominant drawing, where grey is key. 

Opposite poles 

The eternal binomial Black&White is the one that gives strength and personality to the Hydraulic Grecia model. A retrospective to the past through classic tones, ornaments and illustrations that perfectly mimic the essence of hydraulic tiles.

Renewed classicism

The charm of the Hydraulic Vintage and Hydraulic Corfu models comes from their perfect chromatic combination. Tonalities that merge into a hydraulic designs full of nuances and attention to detail.

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