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Hydraulic tiles: a world of combinations

Undoubtedly, hydraulic tiles continue to be one of the most outstanding trends in interior design and architecture. For some years now, we have seen how this material has become an essential element in the walls and floors of houses all over the world.

Particularly resistant and durable, hydraulic tiles can be used in both interior and exterior areas. Their timeless beauty has the ability to create unique, enveloping spaces, transforming the air of any atmosphere completely.

When laying hydraulic tiles, either as a floor, a wall or a combination of both, we must take into account whether we are looking for continuity of space or whether we just want to delimit an area. In any case, their great decorative potential will achieve a very original effect.

Hydraulic Solstice Decocer

Hydraulic by Decocer

Through a vintage aesthetic with a handcrafted air, the Hydraulic collection projects freshness and dynamism in each piece. With its soft shades, this series manages to move to a small coastal town where life goes by slowly while enjoying the small pleasures of everyday life. The delicacy that can be appreciated at first sight combined with excellent qualities makes Hydraulic a resistant and functional collection.

In addition, Hydraulic Black&White offers a wide range of hydraulic tiles whose black and white geometric patterns match perfectly to renew the concept of elegance in interior design. An infinite number of combinations that multiply the decorative possibilities of any room!

Hydraulic Black&White

With the 20x20 shape, we can combine hydraulic tiles of different designs, patterns, lines or decorative elements, playing with the same color in all its chromatic range or creating scales of totally different shades.

Hydraulic tiles adapt perfectly to both modern styles and vintage decorations. Rhombuses, stripes, squares, rectangles, triangles... Mixing different decorations, colors and variables will get spectacular results.

Tortona Decocer

What about you? Are you joining this trend?

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