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Ideas to light up the darkest rooms

Light fills the spaces of life. Living in a bright space benefits our mood considerably.

When faced with houses that do not have the advantages of natural light due to their orientation, for example, we must look for solutions to make the most of the available light and manage to create brighter and visually wider spaces.

The right choice of colors plays a fundamental role in the lighting of rooms

Without a doubt, white is the colour of luminosity par excellence and the one that gives spaces their greatest spaciousness.

It is a tone that can easily be combined with complementary tones such as beige, light grey or pastel blue, and natural woods, which will help to distribute the light evenly.

Once we have achieved luminosity in this way, we can add decorative elements of more striking colours through textiles, such as curtains, carpets or bedding. In this way, we will give a touch of personality to the rooms.

In addition, glossy finish tiles are perfect for small spaces or those with hardly any natural light because they give a feeling of spaciousness and light. This perception is further enhanced when it comes to white tiles.

Choosing the right furniture is also important when it comes to brightening up the rooms

Furniture with light tones, soft textures and simple lines is ideal to give light to any room. Although to include some furniture of dark color or alive tonalities is also recommendable to generate contrast and to give personality to the room.

In addition, we can place accessories that enhance the luminosity, such as decorative objects made of shiny metals, glass tables or mirrors with a light frame, which will reinforce the effect of the light.

Remember that a well-lit room will help to create a pleasant and serene atmosphere, and you won't want to leave the house!

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