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InkJet, the ceramic digital printing technology which brings a more sustainable future closer

Inkjet is a digital print technology innovative, which offers endless finishes and creative possibilities, as well as providing environmental efficiency.

With the strong R+D+i component, through the digital InkJet printer, Decocer injects the ink, the patterns and textures on the ceramic surface with impeccable accuracy. As well as that, it also allows for reliefs to be reproduced without the need of having moulds.

One of the very latest developments which has been incorporated is HD technology. High definition which provides greater authenticity, precision and excellence to each piece. Creating ceramic designs which are rich in detail, with a never seen before colour scheme.

In this way, Decocer can make any design become a reality, customising the tile according to the client’s preferences.

With every step, InkJet continues to improve its software, overseeing the digital printing, along with the hardware, namely the ink and the printing heads, in order to improve the speed and the data management, when printing surfaces like ceramic.

Environmental Progress

 InkJet’s sustainable values can be found exclusively in the reduced ink use when
the design is being carried out, since it can achieve a wide range of colours without having to prepare each one of the colours separately. In this regard, less primary material is used, which at the same time, sees the use of both water and electricity reduced as well.

Since 2000, the year in which the very first InkJet printer was put on the market for industrial ceramics, this same technology has revolutionised the traditional manufacturing system in ceramic decoration globally. Furthermore, it continues to impress with developments which take ceramic digital printing to a whole new level.

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