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The Inverness and Goose Collections break the mould at Cersaie 2018

The most innovative and creative ceramic designs were brought together at Cersaie 2018. Last Friday, on September 28th, the curtain was brought down on the Bologna Fair. Five days in which the firm, together with the most important companies in the sector, presented the new ceramic designs for the 2018-2019 season. New innovations which were greatly received. Specially, Inverness and Goose were two of the designs which got most of the attention. Two ceramic pieces that bank on the combination of textures, patterns and tones which go towards creating spaces with their very own personality.

The Inverness Series: Aesthetic Retrospect

Inverness reaffirms that hydraulic tiles continue being one of the standout designs in interior design and architecture. With a 20x20 format, Inverness offers a ceramic design which hydraulic motifs with a very worn look, along with different textures. A series which allows for the creation of rugs with just one motif or even combining them in order to create a unique surface.

The Goose Series: Miscellaneous graphic and tonal 

In search of creating a multidisciplinary design full of aesthetic possibilities. Decocer has created the Goose series. A small sized ceramic tile which combines a white base with texture, with four decorations which vary the intensity of its tones and its graphics.  Tonal and graphic miscellany, available in four colours: Goose White, without decoration, and Goose Blue, Goose Sage and Goose Brown, all of them in four different decorations.

In this way, Goose allows for different atmospheres to be created in the same room due to the combination of one pattern with another, as well as its infinite combinatorial possibilities.

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