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Discover the latest news in tile designs

  At Decocer we have new and innovative collections that offer a world of possibilities for interior design and architecture projects, as well as distributors and marketers that are committed to the highest manufacturing quality with the latest technology.  

  In several of our designs we have sought to bring nature closer together, allowing us to connect with the environment. There is a predominance of natural colors such as earthy or green of vegetation. We join to these tones the stone grays, the sketches of handmade aesthetics.

  In terms of the color range, there are two strands to the color palette. The first with neutral colors tinted in pastel to cooler tones that provide a relaxing and comfortable aesthetic. On the other side, primary colors with bright finishes in blues and reds to transmit positivism and joy. The combination of the both aspects offers a very attractive aesthetics.

  Finally, a series of tiles has been created that without extravagance, provide subtle luxury. With timeless designs that imitate marble, in dark and light tones so that their elegance isn't lost in time.

   Among our new designs there are different collections that give prominence to the lines and geometries. The different possibilities of tile placement in their combination make possible a game of different expressions in the spaces. Among so many novelties, we couldn't leave without expanding our catalog with the new hydraulic and floral tiles.

   All collections are made of porcelain or white body, so that they can be used for floor and wall tiles both indoors and outdoors.

   Don't miss all the available shapes, from the classic 3"x12" and 8"x8", to the square 5"x5" or 4"x4", to the hexagonal 7"x8".

   Remember that in Decocer we are your perfect 'ceramic partner', so we are waiting for your 'match'. Make an appointment with our sales team and visit us in our renovated Showroom.


    Small tiles for big ideas!




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