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Minimalist style in interior design

Simple shapes, open spaces and neutral colours. Minimalism continues to be trendy in interior design. It is a timeless and relaxed style, ideal for any corner of the home.

Less is more

Minimalist interiors are characterised by their simplicity, sense of order, calm and serenity. They allow each space to be functional, but without neglecting the style and harmony of each atmosphere.

The functionality of the elements, the visual harmony and the order of the whole are essential in minimalist style, which tries to find the balance separating superfluous and unnecessary elements. Amplitude will predominate with hardly any furniture in the centre of the rooms.

Functionality above all

In minimalist houses, the focus is on functionality. For this reason, it is advisable to include furniture according to its usefulness and comfort, with a simple and contemporary design, straight and pure lines.

Furniture in organic forms is also allowed, as it brings modernity to the rooms. All objects have a function and spaces must be used without anything unnecessary.

Light colours for minimalist interiors

Undoubtedly, the main colour for minimalist interior design is white. However, soft and natural colours such as grey, beige or earth are also used. Keeping combinations to a minimum will help improve the environment and form more serene and balanced spaces.

Even though, it is possible to personalize rooms by including decorative objects in vibrant colours, although these accessories should not be numerous.

In the same way, fabrics that predominate in minimalist style are always natural and smooth: cotton, wool, linen, etc.

In addition, the naturalness of wood for minimalist interiors offers a very cosy solution.

If you want to create calm and pleasant atmospheres, bet on minimalist style!

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