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New Showroom, new collections

  In Decocer we have a new Showroom, with new collections of wall covering and flooring tiles, because we want to be your ceramic partner.

  The new Showroom is located in our installations, in order to provide a functional professional environment full of resources for distributors, architects, interior designers and design lovers. Thanks to the wide exhibition it is possible to visualize the combination of formats, chromatic shades, finishes, textures and materials in a practical way.


  The design and personality of the new trends are the highlights of this exposition, whose main objective is to transmit all the qualities of our products.

  The distribution of the collections provides visitors with a comfortable and comfortable atmosphere in which to visualize the possibilities they offer. In the details you can visualize the commitment to exclusive and unique designs, which are born through the highest quality raw materials, production innovations and the most advanced technologies in their manufacture.

  In the exhibition route we find all the series that make up an infinite number of combinatory possibilities between flooring and wall coverings that cover all formats and sizes. Always following the latest trends in ceramics.


  Don't forget that together with our new collections we have available our Custom Made section, where you choose your designs giving shape your ideas. We support you in the process and give you our assistance to achieve the project you have always wanted, and that best suits the needs of your customers or your own.

  Remember that you can contact us or visit us at our facilities.

  Small tiles for big ideas!

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