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New trends in ceramics for 2021

For this 2021 we're looking to feel more comfortable and connected with our home, and the places where we spend much of our time.

The new trends in interior design are already here. We know that ceramics never go out of style, that's why we bring infinite possibilities of formats, and to merge their qualities with a variety of colors, graphics, textures and decors.


Want to discover the new trends in tiles?

  1. Flecked Effect

A trend that imitates a kaleidoscope of colors with floating fragments of shapes. Brings an explosion of color and energy to your pavements and coverings. It offers endless styling possibilities.

  1. Biophilia.

One of the big trends for 2021. The connection to nature is going to be very present. Biophilic design has been found to support cognitive function, psychological well-being and physical health. With the last year's developments, more time will be spent in the home, so look for wood and nature motif designs that evoke quiet environments.

  1. Soft Textures

The mosaics with soft relief bring an extra in the design of our coverings. Their combination with bevels will give amplitude to your ambiences.

  1. Muted Tones

Muted and pastel tones will see a boom in their use. Especially grays, blues and soft greens. They are very optimal colors to create relaxing and calming spaces.

  1. Gorgeus Greens

Shades of green with textures that remind us of nature. The focus is on the outdoors for the interior.

  1. Large Hexes

Hexagonal tiles come to bring drama to your space. In the search for dynamism and more original designs. They will be used to delimit spaces, combine textures and colors offering a perfect miscellany, or to provide visual amplitude.

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  1. Patterned tile concrete

 Hydraulic and cement-look tiles will continue to be among the most prominent trends. Architects and designers continue to have them among their favorites.

 The novelty resides in their patterns, more dynamic and fun with an infinite number of laying systems that will make them all different. They will give your indoor or outdoor space that impact that will surprise everyone.

  1. High Gloss

The trend of glossy tiles has never gone away, but this year it is coming back with more strength. Perfect for areas to highlight the whole room, and for areas that need to be cleaned frequently. They're ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.


The ceramic creations that will predominate for our floor and wall tiles will be inspired by abstract geometric motifs, light and soft natural tones, with traditionally inspired patterns with updated designs. Hexagonal or textured tiles, or those that take us back to nature.

 Now that we've indicated the most relevant trends in ceramics for this 2021, do you have a favorite? 

Whether yes or no, don't hesitate to visit our showroom, we will advise you and help you choose the one that best meets your needs or those of your customers. You only have to contact us. 

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