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Rectangular tiles for avant-garde kitchens

Both visually and functionally, there are many possibilities offered by rectangular ceramic tiles. Due to its aesthetic power, versatility, and its simple installation, a large number of construction, architecture and interior design professionals are opting for this format, especially when it comes to projects for avant-garde kitchens.

There is a growing trend in choosing rectangular tiles for kitchen walls and floors. In fact, we can find them in various sizes, finishes, and shades, which will make it easier to give this room its own style.

Thus, at Decocer we offer the option of ordering these tiles according to the needs of each project. Their success in the market has led to the fact that large manufacturers and distributors have adapted to provide customers with a wide range of possibilities.

Devon collection

Small and easy to handle tiles

Usually, these are small-format tiles, so they can be placed in different ways to create the desired environment. In this sense, the finish, the color, and the texture can be custom designed.

Rectangular tiles with mosaics, rhombuses, stripes, checks, triangles, and an endless number of alternatives that perfectly adapt to both vintage and modern styles. By combining different options, you will obtain spectacular results.

The Subway trend is one of the most prominent in recent times within this ceramic format. It is based on the use of rectangular beveled tiles that imitate brick –or white with glossy finishes and black joints– inspired by the iconic style of the subways of New York, London, Madrid, or Paris.

Emporio Rialto collection

Definitively, with these rectangular ceramic tiles, you will be able to recreate any atmosphere in your kitchen, since the decoration options they offer are endless.

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