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Restore Material Trend: the reconquest of restorations

After years of pretentious and large architectural projects, the sector embarks on a slow trend that advocates practical, sober and restrained architecture. A movement that defends the refurbishment and restoration of structures and materials.

This reconceptualisation is evident in the profile change of the Pritzer Award winning projects. Whereas previously large-scale architectural projects were the award winners, the latest awards give credit to smaller projects that bank on social change, traditional materials and sustainability.

The ceramic, fetish material of the Restore material trend

The simplicity and naturalness of ceramic becomes an important ally for these types of projects in which a serene, reflective and prudent atmosphere is sought. Its composition offers unique resistance, and the great evolution of the InkJet printing technology offers endless aesthetic possibilities. Designs in which pragmatism and beauty form a perfect binomial.

Tortona floor tiles, restore aesthetic

In search of an origin aesthetic, the tiles from the Milan collection by Decocer project a unique style through shade variated designs that simulate wear and tear over time. A cement finish perfectly represented with the Tortona designs. Hydraulics which look to the past through ancient motifs and blurred patterns.

A building style that acquires more and more strength, in which ceramic plays a leading role.

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