Nuevas tecnologías en el sector cerámico
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The revolution of new technologies in ceramic

As predicted by the Spanish Wall Tile and Floor Tile Manufacturers Association, the commitment to R & D would mark the competitive advantage for the Spanish ceramic sector. So much so that today, it is considered as being a world leader in technological development, design and quality in products and services alike.

Without losing its traditional idiosyncrasy, the ceramic sector banks on innovation and digitalisation to achieve processes and more efficient custom-made and sustainable services.

In this way, this sector has experienced an evolution in which the integration of new technologies is an imperative for continuing to carry out a competitive activity in the current setting 

DIY custom-made ceramic

New technologies offer possibilities to the customer, where, in a quick and intuitive way, they can customise even the smallest detail of the product that they want. Here in Decocer, we want to shape the ideas and the needs of our customers, and because of this, we have enabled a section of our website that allows for their chosen floor tile to be customised, as well as them being able to ask for a quotation or make an appointment to outline the design and finish off their orders.

Custom-made services

Besides the custom-made design, Decocer offers a complete service which is adapted to the user. And it allows for the packaging, along with the logistics and transport to be adapted to the customer´s needs.

The InkJet spectral printing: more realistic volumes and textures

In terms of design, one of the technological trends with the greatest transformation effect is the InkJet digital printing. An innovation that has triggered a surprising aesthetic evolution through its great graphics and tone range. In addition, it allows for true reproductions of large-scale photographs on wall tiles, as well as all types of finishes. Due to having several heads, it allows for textured pieces and optical effects of volume and relief to be created. Opening up a range of practically unlimited possibilities

Social networks and a corporate website

With the aim of having a more direct contact with the clients and customers alike, the ceramic companies bank on being present online. Decocer, through its social networks approaches the professional sector trends in the ceramic sector, ceramic technology and corporate news, all of which are covered in the firm’s online magazine.

Digital catalogues in a click

Many companies now have their own app or website in which customers can download catalogues and interesting content from the company. Decocer has recently updated its catalogue with the most outstanding designs and collections from the firm. A catalogue that can be downloaded here.

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