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Shade variation: a fetishist look at imperfection

According to the latest report from Ceramic Trends 2018/2019 by the Ceramic Observatory and the Habitat Trends Observatory, one of the most outstanding proposals from the sector for this next season is the quartered and worn aesthetic. Materials where the finish is at the mercy of the procurement process of the material.

The shade-variated designs present a shade variation of colour or patterns between some pieces and others. And, although they follow the same thread, each piece of the collection is different.

In this way, an imperfect and at the same time, harmonious finish is obtained which evokes the contrariety of nature.

Decocer is aligned with the trend through ceramic tiles with different degrees of shade variation. These include the Bristol collection, a design that looks back to rescue the beauty of deterioration.

Bristol collection: worn textures

Worn textures acquire their highest aesthetic level with the Bristol collection by Decocer. With a marked industrial style, Bristol remembers the workshops turned into a house from the 50s. Spaces with cement floors worn down by use that we still remember today, above all, because of the uniqueness and charm that they transmitted.

Simulating the passage of time, Bristol offers a handmade sensation through non-uniform pieces and unequaled nuances. Versatile like few others, the cement effect of the pieces faithfully reproduces these types of aged surfaces, full of variations that stand out because of the subtle faded colour effects. As well as that, Bristol allows for a host of decorative styles to be combined which, not only adapt to them, but also enhance their essence.

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