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Ceramic trends in 2019: six decorative styles to suit all tastes

Decocer, in its relentless commitment to meet the trends and demands of interior design and architecture, and with a view to the coming 2019/2020 collection, is developing new designs which focus on the most outstanding decorative trends of small ceramic tiles.  

According to the Observatory of Habitat Trends, there are six ceramic trends which will be playing the leading role this season. They are totally different to each other, but without a doubt, all of them achieve in giving character and good taste to the atmosphere they themselves create. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  1. Light Marble

Natural stone reproduction strengthens one of the most standout decorative ceramic trends of the season. The whole purpose here is not to conceal the product, but to show it in order to highlight its material nature and magnify its decorative importance. We are dealing with a trend where the spotted surfaces full of elements are boldly combined with their surface diameters. 

  1. Tile Déco

It is based on the art Noveau and art Decó architecture of the 20s and 30s, combined with the English Arts&crafts trend. Focused on the Baroque decorative elements and detail, the Tile Decó trend conveys elegance and sophistication through golden, silver and copper tones. 

  1. Dark & Watercolor

This trend is far away from the monochromatic flat surfaces, which led the way in previous seasons. It is specifically characterised because of having texturised surfaces which show imperfections and the effects of wear and tear. The most used colours are dark and earth, which are combined with elegant gradient colours. Find out more about this trend through the KUNI collection from Decocer.

  1. Brutalist Style

   Geology is one of the great inspirations in this trend. Hence, ceramic tries to imitate natural elements such as marble and granite, or those that are not so natural like cement. It turns out to be a perfect trend for spacious areas, making them come alive through floor tiles and wall tiles.  

  1. Restore Materials

The architectural work which adopts this approach has no interest in either extravagant changes or exotic designs. The purpose here is to simply work on what is already there, so that it can be brought to life.  Therefore, we are dealing with more sustainable and careful work which is directly connected with the environment.

As with its characteristics, the materials used are simple and traditional, namely: baked mud and hydraulic tiles. In our Restore Material post, you will find more information about this trend.  

  1. Mid-century colours

The colour ranges, from the most neutral to the liveliest tones, encourage the creation of harmonious linear atmospheres, since in effect, colour is the highlighted creative element in this trend. When it comes to highlighting a specific series, we have the terracotta colour range, like that found in the Provenza collection.  

Similarly, the tiles with three-dimensional effects also play an important role in the Mid-century colours style.

Six decorative styles which inspire the new ceramic collections by Decocer.

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