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Rectangular tiles and their leading trend: Subway

With regard to the infinite world of ceramics, rectangular tiles have been leading the way for ages. Their aesthetic strength, along with their easy installation and great adaptability are some of the reasons why architects and interior designers use the rectangular format as the leading piece in their projects. 

In terms of usability and functionality, the ceramic material offers us a huge number of possibilities. Because of the tones, finishes, sizes and geometry; ceramic tiles have the power to change a space. In our post: “8 reasons why ceramics must be included in your project”; you will find out about all their advantages.

Rectangular tiles: beyond being a geometric shape.

Bearing in mind that this kind of tile is one of the most popular in the architecture and building sector, here at Decocer we offer a huge number of options in a rectangular format, which are:

In white body:

  • 6cm x 25cm
  • 7.5cm x 15cm
  • 7.5cm x 30cm
  • 10cm x 20cm
  • 10cm x 30cm
  • 10cm x 40cm
  • 10cm x 50cm
  • 15cm x 30cm
  • 6.5cm x 13cm
  • 13cm x 40cm 
  • 6.5cm x 40cm

In porcelain:

  •  7cm x 28cm

In fact, the great popularity of rectangular ceramic is one of the reasons why we have more sizes available for clients and customers alike.

As we are dealing with small-format tiles, they are much easier to handle, since their placement makes creating all types of shapes possible, as well as reproducing magnificent atmospheres. When it comes to livening up an atmosphere with rectangular tiles, the type of finishes, tones, colour combinations and textures all have a strong influence.  


The subway trend: from the subway to the most ground-breaking interior design.

As far as this ceramic format is concerned, without any doubt whatsoever, we have a standout trend on our hands, namely: Subway or Subway style tiles. Their origin goes back more than a century, in fact, it goes all the way back to the New York subways in 1904, hence, the origin of its name. Over the years, this trend has also been present in other symbolic subway stations such as in London, Madrid and Paris. We are dealing with a trend which imitates bevelled bricks with small-format rectangular tiles. Although the most popular tile is the white tile in a gloss finish with black joints, this creative style can bank on offering a wide range of creative possibilities. Nowadays, there are numerous combinations between the colour of the tiles and the joints. In kitchen and bathroom spaces, the light tone like white is usually sought after, since it enhances the brightness of the rooms, especially with the gloss finish which reflects the light. Furthermore, it creates visual lines which benefit the feeling of spaciousness. However, tones such as green, pink and blue are decking out bathrooms and kitchens more and more, providing them with elegant avant-garde designs and a touch of freshness.  

The secret is to understand both the aesthetic and functional necessity of the space, as well as having it combined with the tastes that clients and customers have. Our Devon collection offers a subway-like tile with a hand-made style in matt and gloss, and in different tones, such as: white, brown, grey, blue, green and black.  

We turn any design into reality.

With the aim of helping every client, customer and professional shape their creative ideas, at Decocer we count on a made-to-measure service. Through our online configurator, you can choose the format, colour, area, type of ceramic and the design of your tiles. Once chosen, you can make an appointment with us to go over the fine details, so that we can get the production process underway.

No matter what the tile is that you are after, at Decocer, we can do it for you.  

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