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Square ceramic tiles: creative squared ideas

In the architecture and interior design sector, there are numerous nuances which determine the personality and character of a space. Ceramic takes on the leading role when a space is decked out. The tones, the installation, the size and the finish will be key when providing a project with a different character. To do this, our made-to-measure ceramic tile service allows companies, architects, interior designers and the public to design their very own ceramic tile model in accordance with the atmosphere they want to set up.

Square ceramic tile formats available from Decocer

When designing a tile, one of the first decisions to make is about what size and what type. If you opt for the square ceramic tile, here at Decocer, we have three standard sizes:
20cm x 20cm, 15cm x 15cm, 14cm x 14cm, 13cm x 13cm, 12cm x 12cm and 10cm x 10cm.

If none of them is what you are after, you can let us know what the exact size is that you are looking for.

Creative designs with square ceramic tiles:

  • Place them on the ceiling: Since we are dealing with small-sized ceramic tiles, the square ceramic pieces are lighter in weight, making them easier to handle. In this way, the square ceramic tile turns into the perfect option for placement on the ceiling. The coming together of the wall tiles and the ceiling creates a continuous effect which goes towards generating a feeling a spaciousness. The clear tones, especially the white ceramic tiles, enhance the brightness in the space.
  • Tiling just one part. This ground-breaking idea can be the perfect solution for projects which want to make their mark. The idea is none other than tiling just one part of the wall. The small square ceramic tiles lead the way in this design, since they offer the possibility of creating optical and gradient combinations.
  • Mosaics. They can combine the same colour in all of the colour range, as well as creating colour scales that are totally different from each other. The square ceramic tiles allow for grids with designs, patterns, lines, decor elements and so on to be created. As well as that, they can even be placed in a uniform way, which breaks away from the orderly grid. In conclusion, mosaics come with no end of options.
  • Hydraulic tiles: If there is a ceramic design which has been created to be square, then it is: hydraulic. Our Hydraulic collection brings vintage aesthetic to mind through a graph which projects both craftsmanship and warmth.

Colouring in the joints: an original way of making the most of square ceramic tiles

Despite always trying to have the joints concealed, one of the latest decor trends to arrive with a bang is to give the joints the leading role. They have become the perfect partner for the square ceramic tile when original spaces with special effects are created.

This very technique increases the decor options, since not only do they go well with the ceramic tiles, but also with the surrounding colour. The result is more eye-catching when it is done with square ceramic tiles, since it makes the layout and the shape of the pieces really stand out.

An example of this would be the small square ceramic tiles in soft tones combined with a vibrant and brightly coloured joint material, which creates a dynamic and energetic explosion. As well as that, if we choose a dark colour for the joints, like black on light coloured tiles, this provides both elegance and a feeling of spaciousness for the space. A world of contrasts. The question is to know how to visualise the creative opportunities which ceramic not only offers us, but also spurs us on to try out different things.

The small square ceramic tiles follow the premise that detail makes all the difference. It is a matter of exploring the endless options which they offer, as well as choosing the character and personality that we want the space to have.

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