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Elegance comes to life with our

The presence of Decocer at Coverings has given us a great opportunity to showcase our small size collections to building professionals from around the world. For all the staff from Decocer, this is a very significant event, since all the work and dedication invested in the last year is put on show. From April 9-12, we were at the most important ceramic trade Fair in the USA at the Booth 4655, in the Spanish pavilion.

In the previous post, we highlighted the Chelsea, Hydraulic, Eclipse, Naive and Look collections. Five designs with glossy effects, reliefs and chromatic variety being their main characteristics.

But, our news about designs and innovations from Coverings did not end there. One of the series that had the greatest reception at the event was the Thais full through-body porcelain tile collection. At a functional level, this material is a perfect building solution due to its extraordinary strength, in fact, such is its quality that it is also known as the through-body porcelain tile. Unlike enamelled porcelain tiles, the full through-body porcelain tile means that the entire tile is made of the same porcelain tile material.

The Thais collection has a matt finish which offers a touch of freshness to the typical terraces from the nineties. The full through-body porcelain tiles have improved a lot technically: starting with the composition of pulverised earth, the process of colouring it and its baking cycles. As an innovation, Decocer includes porcelain tiles decorated with a combination of coloured scales, which make it attractive, without losing any technical characteristics. It has an aesthetic known as salt and pepper which, fits perfectly with the ceramic trend of this season: "Light Marble". Surfaces full of subtle and uniform speckles which create deep and elegant compositions.

The Thais collection is perfect for those spaces which look for permeating the user in a sophisticated climate with a Premium character.

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