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Tile combinations for stylish bathrooms

Thinking about the design of a new bathroom is not an easy task. What shapes fit best based on the space available? What colors go well with walls and floors? Do I choose gloss or matte finish tiles?

At Decocer we suggest you some ideas to make your bathroom as you have dreamed it. Take note!

Black and white spectacle

The combination of black and white tiles is one of the most interesting proposals we can find in interior design.

It is a classic option that can be incorporated into both floor and wall tiles. The intensity of the contrast between both colors gives rise to contemporary and sophisticated spaces, ranging from traditional decorative styles to modern style interiors.

In short, black and white ceramic tiles are perfect for creating simple, elegant and stylish environments.

Classics that never fail

Ceramic tiles with soft shades, especially in square format, which include traditional motifs in the purest vintage style are a sure bet when it comes to designing a bathroom that transmits a feeling of warmth and calm.

In addition, these traditional tiles with antique decorations are the essence that turns the bathroom into an area of maximum comfort and that transports us to the past in the blink of an eye.

Touch of personality

One of the great advantages of including ceramic tiles in decorative projects is the multitude of combination possibilities they offer.

To add a touch of personality to the room, just include a delimited area of traditional tiles with antique designs. Not only will they break the uniformity of walls and floors, but they will turn the bathroom into a unique room.

At Decocer we offer you customized solutions for your architectural and interior design projects, thanks to our careful attention to detail and the high adaptability of our collections.

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