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Tiles in a gloss or matt finish?

Ceramic is a solution with excellent characteristics in wall tiles and flooring in any type of project, since it provides the spaces in which it is used with not only excellent resistance and durability, but also versatility. This material offers such a big array of options that there are always doubts when it comes to opting for the most suitable tile for the project that we have in mind. One of the most common questions when choosing ceramic tiles is the type of finish we are after: Gloss tiles or matt? That is the question.

Cooking areas which have gloss finishes are much easier to clean

Here at Decocer, we acknowledge that both options are perfectly feasible; however, it is true that according to the project or the room, the best way to go is to choose either one or the other. In cooking areas or kitchens, tiles in a gloss finish are advisable because of the following reasons:

  • Gloss tiles get dirtier than those in a matt ceramic finish, but at the same time, as we are dealing with lacquered waterproof surfaces, they can be cleaned much quicker. Just a quick wipe and they are clean and shiny again.
  • Gloss is perfect for small spaces or those with little natural light, since a feeling of spaciousness and brightness is created. A feeling that is strengthened even more when we are dealing with white tiles.


Tiles in a matt finish that are used in wet areas do not leave any trace of stains

Matt finishes turn out to be ideal for bathrooms or wet areas. There are lots of reasons for that: 

  1. This type of tile does not get stained.
  2. They do not get dirty easily and they conceal stains that much better.
  3. They provide the space with a touch which is warmer, more serene, and even elegant; making it possible to reproduce a Wellness space.

Nevertheless, a balance between gloss and matt is a very recurring solution, since the contrast between both textures achieves some nuances which are highly enveloping, as well as creative. This is proven by the Devon collection from Decocer. As we are dealing with a series of tiles which are available in gloss and matt finishes alike, it allows for the creation of spaces with assorted interesting combinations of textures and colours.

We would like to help you shape your ceramic design. You can ask for a price quotation or make an appointment with us to go over all the fine details.

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