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The Little Big trend: Big and small size ceramic pieces

In a market which is increasingly focused on exploring the limits of the sizes and shapes of ceramic tiles, the productive innovations in the ceramic sector focus their efforts on creating XXS and XXL tiles. This contrast is an absolute trend in the architecture, interior design and building sectors, because the big size tile format allows for continuous and uniform spaces to be created, whereas the small ceramic size provides the touch of exclusivity and personality that projects require.

Decocer, as a manufacturer of small size ceramics, has a wide range of ceramic collections and combinatorial possibilities that meet to the XXS trend needs.

Different shapes can be chosen, such as: rectangular, square and hexagonal. Among others, the rectangular tiles are available in: 7.5cmx30cm, 6cmx25cm, 6.5cmx40cm, 7.5cmx15cm, 10cmx30cm, 10ccmx40cm, 13cmx40cm, 10cmx50cm sizes. The squares are used on: 20cmx20cm, 10cmx10cm, 13cmx13cm, 15cmx15cm, 30cmx30cm tiles; with the hexagonal tiles in both the 17.5cmx20.2cm and 15cmx15cm sizes.

Custom-made small size tiles

Decocer reinforces customisation from its origins. Under the concept: Shape your ideas. It offers a custom-made ceramic service to address any aesthetic and functional needs that clients may have. Professionals can opt for the shape, size, Pantone code and characteristics such as the texture and strength of the piece. In this way, it turns the material into custom-made tiles which makes the result the one that the customer had imagined in the first place.

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