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Trends: five ceramic collections that provide spaces with freshness and colour

With the arrival of summer, we are invited to explore new ideas and tones in order to freshen up atmospheres with a different and fresh look. Regarding the colour, it does not have just one aesthetic function, because it also significantly impacts on the mood of those who find themselves in that space. As well as that, colour is able to completely transform the perception of the space, along with the sensations that it gives off. 

In order to visually freshen up the space, Decocer suggest a ceramic range with a wide range of finishes and colours. Designs which can transform a sober and dull atmosphere into one which is not only relaxing but creative, too. 

Living nature with the Florencia tile

The cutting-edge feel can be seen in every nuance in this collection. Florencia offers the right balance between cutting-edge style and timeless class, through tones that remind us of nature, like the Florencia Sky blue and the Florencia Jade green. Two ideal colours for providing freshness to spaces in a relaxing and elegant way which, can be used in any type of decorative style. 

Chromatic Texture with the Craquele collection

In the purest and most traditional style, the Craquele collection evokes pieces made with enamel, which recreate the passing of time through a cracked look. In both the Craquele white tone and the Craquele Sky, a space is created which is both original and energetic, full of timeless nuances, thanks to the spine look.  

The eternal metro white of the Emporio-Rialto tile

With pure lines and a gloss finish, the Emporio-Rialto ceramic wall tile is based on the industrial aesthetic from the New York subways from the 20th century. A piece which in its off-white version, makes the space visually bigger, providing brightness and texture to the atmospheres. 

The rural tones of the Bella ceramic wall tile

Textures which reflect the passage of time, altered colours and combinations which encourage us to travel. The Bella Series provides the pigments which represent the retro feel of life in big country houses, which are surrounded by fields and bathed in sunshine for most of their days. Warmth and traditional aromas  with the: Bella Violet, Bella Blue, Bella Red and Bella Sand tones. All of them with a little tone degradation which, simulates the worn down characteristic of old houses.

Ethnic minimalism with the Clarte Collection

The Clarte collection can be minimalist, only if the colour bases are used, or a certain ethnic air can be achieved if the decorated pieces are included. Maximum adaptability for any architectural project, in its: bluish, crème, white green and grey versions.

As well as that, for important projects, in Decocer, we offer our ’custom-made’ service. In which we can help you set your product up, from the beginning to the end, customising the size, the finish, the design and the colour of the tile.
Endless creative possibilities and colour ranges at your fingertips, since you will be able to choose between the wide colour range from Pantone.

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