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Warm interiors with ceramic tiles

The decorative trend in ceramics for kitchens and bathrooms is in constant evolution. In addition to their resistance and versatility, ceramic wall and floor tiles offer different finishes depending on the effect you want to give to the space.

Ceramic wall and floor tiles inspired by worn-out elements emphasise the value of the passage of time and create idyllic settings that are totally faithful to the environment and to the wear and tear of the materials themselves. Used in shades that integrate into the landscape, they make it possible to achieve spaces that invite rest, conceptualized from aesthetic and functional simplicity.

In turn, the ceramic tiles inspired in light woods provide luminosity, amplitude and continuity to the space. The small-format pieces allow for a rhythmic and aesthetic placement that brings serenity to the room. These ceramic coverings are ideal for home spaces, warm and comfortable homes that allow for rest.

The choice of ceramic tiles will depend on the characteristics of the project and the decorative style. In most of the projects the ceramic predominates by its resistance and durability and variety of styles being perfect for interiors as well as exteriors especially in terraces. It is an ideal type of floor for highly frequented areas due to its ease of maintenance and resistance to wear and tear, temperature changes and humidity.

Another advantage is the wide variety of finishes and styles that make it possible to fit in with any style of decoration. In addition, it allows to cover a wide range of prices, being possible to use the ceramic in all type of projects.

At Decocer we work intensively on the innovation of materials, textures and shapes so that the spaces remain just as we dreamed.

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